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Anycolour Lighting Control System

Anytronics Anycolour is an integrated digital colourwash system, which will control

synchronised colour washing of fluorescent, cold cathode neon, LED and any other dimmable light sources.

What is Anycolour?

The Anytronics Anycolour colour desk digital control system provides direct digital control of Anycolour fluorescent units and of any other dimmable light source (via DMX outputs) to create perfect colour wash environments. Colour desk provides individual control of Red, Green and Blue levels via 60mm sliders to give complete RGB control of static colour. A further control for the Yellow level provides enhanced control of pastel shades. Three other sliders control the depth and period of dynamic colour washing, and provide an overall (or master) level control.

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Typical Anycolour Installations

1. Manual Control

2. Advanced Manual Control

3. Pre-Programmed Control

4. Pre-Programmed Control and Remote Control

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