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Anyscene Lighting Control System

The Anyscene 1 & 512 are DMX scene recall units capable of controlling any DMX device. The units can be used on their own or in conjunction with any other external DMX controllers / desks.

What is Anyscene?

Anyscene is a DMX programmable preset scene recall unit used in conjunction with an Anytronics or similar DMX dimming pack.

Stylish and easy to use programmable preset buttons control lighting scenes and can also be operated via an optional IR control unit.

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Installation with Anytronics
Dimming Pack

Anyscene units can be powered directly from Anytronics dimming or switching packs via a simple RJ45 data and power connection. Expansion DMX connections via XLR or RJ45 from dimming pack.

Installation with other
DMX equipment

Anyscene units can be connected to other manufacturers DMX equipment via the AS180 interface which requires a 220/240V ac supply.

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