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Anyscene 512 Single Gang 4 Button

Single gang DMX scene recall unit capable of controlling any DMX device. Used on its own or in conjunction with any other external DMX controllers / desks. It will automatically step down if an external DMX source is present as well as illuminating the yellow data LED on the Anyscene panel.




1/2/4 Channel LED Driver

The Anytronics DMX to PWM LED Driver provides 4 controllable PWM outputs to drive constant voltage LEDs connected with commoned anodes to a 12-24V supply. The unit is also intended to be powered from supplies in the range 12-24V dc.



LED Downlight


Omega 40 All-in-One 900lm

8W Compact Downlight

Introducing the best All-In-One downlight we have ever offered: 900lm output, 3 x colour temperature settings, changeable clip on bezels (the white clip on plastic bezel supplied with the downlight can easily be removed and spray painted with suitable spray paint for plastic any colour required) and a dimming performance from 0 to 100% we have never seen before on a product so moderately priced.



Stand alone single channel 2A trailing edge dimming pack suitable for LED loads




Pro-Dim 10

Single Channel 10A
Dimming/Switching Pack

NEW FEATURE - Dimming/switching selection rocker switch on front panel

The Location Pro-Dim10 provides portable dimming and switching control for use in studios, marquees or on location.



The Anyscene 1 & 512 are DMX scene recall units capable of controlling any DMX device. The units can be used on their own or in conjunction with any other external DMX controllers / desks.


The new additional Anyscene 512 recall units have up to 23 presets + blackout DMX scene recall unit, up to 3 panels per system.



Anyscene 512

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